The chalet sleeps up to six people, and is located in the mountain village of Le Regine. There are restaurants in both the village and others in Abetone, but we think that the best option, after a day exploring the mountain, is to use the wood burning fire in chalet, just add locally sourced food!

The Apartments Location

Information about the chalet and the services you will find available locally, when you visit.

The apartment is located on its own private road (with parking) just off the mountain road that runs between Abetone and Florence/Lucca.

It was built in the 1960s when the region was enjoying one of the most prosperous moments in its history, and indeed part of the charm that both the house and the surrounding amenities share is this 1960s look. It’s a bit like watching an old Sean Connery James Bond film.

The apartment forms one-flat, of a three floored chalet block, with beautiful views over the mountains and forest below.

Walking out of the chalet and down the small grassy decline, you go straight into the woods. It’s not unusual to see deer’s in the night-hours strolling onto the grass for a munch and, because it’s the last chalet block, you get a great deal of privacy and peace and quiet as well.

That means it’s equally suited to families, couples looking for a romantic break, or individuals that just want to escape to the mountains to unwind.

The apartment is located in the small hillside village of Le Regine, which is approximately five minutes from the mountain resort town of Abetone.

What’s nice about Le Regine is that it never gets busy, and it has just enough local amenities to allow you to survive independently, so if you don’t want to do anything but go for walks in the mountains and eat good food, you can do it all from Le Regine.

There are two grocery stores, or “alimentari”, where you can buy locally produced cheeses, such as Ricotta or Pecorino, as well as the amazing local bread.

There are two restaurants in Le Regine, which serve superb Italian food, in fact when it comes to food, the guide you will find upon arrival in your chalet, gives you a huge range of options. One thing to remember in Italy, don't judge a restaurant by it's appearance and you will end up suprised.

We’ve been coming to Le Regine for well over ten-years and in that time we’ve been to lots of restaurants in the area. We’ve prepared some itineraries to help you get the most out of your holiday from walks in the mountains, through to eating a Florentine Steak that’s so fresh you can cut it with a fork.

There’s a folder of information in the apartment, which gives ideas on what you can do in the summer months. To put that into perspective, if you left the UK without a guidebook, there is enough local information in the file in the apartment to keep you and your family busy for a couple of weeks!

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